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By Thelma Mantac Ramos, Washingston USA

The declamation contest will be held on the 23rd of April, 2001 at 4 o'clock in the afternoon at the Pandan Bay Institute Quadrangle. This event is sponsored by Mrs. Thelma Mantac Ramos and family in support to the Pandan Antique Foundation's Children Festival.


1. The contest is open to Pandananons ages 10 to 15 years old, male and female.

2. Contestants will turn in an entry form to Mildred Mantac Importante, the designated Pagtatap representative, between April 1-10, 2001.

3. An audition/elimination round will be held on April 17, 2001, to determine the 5 finalists.

4. Those who have competed at the Provincial Meet's declamation contest will be disqualified.

5. The topic will be about desirable cultural traits, values, and legends.


1. None of the judges should be a trainer of any of the contestants.

2. There will be a panel of three judges picked by Pagtatap or PAF members.


1st Place: Trophy and P1000
2nd Place: Trophy and P700
3rd Place: Trophy and P500
Consolation Prize: Trophy and P300


1. Each contestant will recite a piece of literature, prose, poetry or drama, following a brief introduction in which the author, title, and a short statement of relevance is given.

2. The order of delivery will be determined by a drawing done prior to the contest.

3. Time limit is 6-7 minutes. A timer will ring the bell when 7 minutes is up.

4. Bodily movement is limited to facial and arm gestures.


1. Vocal Variety: The contestant should demonstrate a full range of volume, pitch, rate and fluency appropriate to the selection. A monotone delivery would rate a 1. A wide range of volume, pitch, and rate would rate a 5.

2. Emotional Effectiveness: The contestant should demonstrate the ability to convey easily identifiable emotions such as joy, sadness, anger, pain, and contempt as is appropriate with the selection. A dull, unenthusiastic delivery would rate a 1. A powerful, intense emotional delivery would rate a 5.

3. Diction: The contestant should demonstrate excellent pronunciation, clarity, inflection, emphasis (stress), and enunciation. Sloppy, mispronounced, unclear diction would rate a 1. Excellent diction would rate a 5.

4. Selection: The contestant should demonstrate care in selection cut to fit the time limit, and have an appropriate introduction. Providing a title only and 30 seconds overtime in delivery would rate a 1. An introduction with author, title, and an arresting attention-getting and relevant sentence would rate a 5.

Sample Introductions:

"Sometimes when we get older we have a "senior moment" where we pause lost in our thoughts or just lost because of forgetfulness. The senior moment is best seen in Mark Twain's 'Grandfather's Old Ram'."

"Once in a while as children we learn lessons from adults which remain with us all our lives. One such lesson is experienced by Huck in this cutting from The Adventures of Huck Finn by Mark Twain."

Note: When taking a cutting from a longer work like a novel, it is permissible to edit out obscene language and whole paragraphs that don't help the declaimer convey the emotion he/she is after.

Thelma Mantac Ramos
Chairman - English Declamation Contest

April 18, 2001

Volume 1, Issue 4

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