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By Devreyn Mae Varon Nepomuceno, Philippines
Photography by Raymund GumbocHigh school life is the best part of the growing years... outing... lagaw... kadlawanay... tangisanay... barkada... halos tanan ugyan ron.

But what happens when the time of saying goodbye comes... the Graduation time?

I have this feeling that cannot be explained… a feeling of excitement, a feeling of crying every time I think of my high school memories, a feeling of "wala lang". Maybe it's all because I don't want to leave all the memories I have cherished. It hurts to say goodbye. Yet, it isn't really a goodbye but a "we'll see each other again" greeting.

Time has gone by so fast that we only have twelve days left to enjoy our high school days. Such days have been full of fun, bonding, and happy memories. I don't know if we will still be singing our favorite songs during our free time or strum the guitar in the hallways when the teacher is out, do crazy things and laugh all day, greet the teachers with our sweet smiles, tease them and make them laugh. I wish I could still do these in college. I will surely miss my high school life.

Photography by Raymund Gumboc
I'm so happy that I have survived all the high school challenges… solving math problems and physics equations, friendship quarrels, rejection, heartaches, meeting new friends, spending sleepless nights reviewing for the final examinations and drinking coffee just to stay awake for the night.

Yes! We all survived. We survived high school. We are GRADUATING!!
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